I normally don’t shop at Walmart but where else can you get a gallon of milk at 2am? They had one of the doors blocked off, so the only entrance was on the grocery side of the store. I head in and what do I see walking in front of me? A jiggly white ass in pajama pants. That fucking milk was gonna have to wait. It was hard to follow her around the store without looking like a weirdo because there weren’t that many other customers walking around. She headed into the baby section and I double timed it to catch up. Before I knew it she was darting right back out the isle with a pack of diapers. I stopped and said Hi as she passed, she looked back and smiled and said Hi back.

Fuck! Whats the next move?

Fuck it, it dont matter. I went back and got my milk and headed to the register. Wouldnt you know it, one register open and 10 people in line. Ol’ girl came up and was behind me in line. Being the gentleman that I am, I told her she could get in front of me. She did. That ass was magnificent. As she stood there, she kept switching legs she put her weight on. Every time she did, that ass bounced. Of course I wasn’t RIGHT behind her, I stood back a little bit to take it all in. 10 minutes later Im finally out the store and I see her driving off. Blue Corolla… Not saying Im a stalker, but I will be looking for that car for another chance encounter.

These pictures are of Alexis Texas on AssParade